At Pflege, we provide comprehensive medical care, including preventive care, physiotherapy, a nurse at home, medical diagnostics, and treatment. Because of the unpredictable nature of medical emergencies, Pflege provides access to on-call physicians and doctor on call around the clock every day of the year.

Again, this varies, so it is crucial to talk to your doctor about how you will pay for your care. The price will increase proportionally with the number of treatments needed. At Pflege, the nursing team is incharge of creating a customized plan as per the condition and requirements of the patients and providing you with full health and medical services. So the price varies from patient to patient. Our main agenda is to provide you with the finest solution for home healthcare services, which is time efficient and affordable plan for each patient.

Doctor-on-call service refers to getting a doctor on demand whenever and wherever you want. The doctor will visit your home and do the needful, irrespective of where you are staying, whether at home, office, or hotel. At Pflege, we provide doctor-on-call service, home doctor services, and emergency doctors home visits available 24/7, who will visit your home with just a phone call. We deliver care within just 30 minutes. You will be able to avail yourself of private and personalized consultations as per your need.

If you need to rent medical equipment, we have what you need, and we charge reasonable rates.

In the event of an emergency, our network of fully-equipped ambulances is ready to transport patients to and from your hospital at any time. The safety and comfort of our patients are of paramount importance to our team of highly trained and experienced emergency medical technicians.

Recovery is aided by remaining in familiar and cozy surroundings. Up to 80% of the cost of hospital admission can be avoided with home care. At Pflege, we help with daily activities like dressing, taking medications, moving around the house, exercising both indoors and outside, and grooming. Home healthcare offers convenience and privacy. The additional stress associated with going to the doctor and getting checked out can be greatly lessened. Healthcare at home guarantees individualized care for a quick recovery by incorporating family members in the patient's treatment. With Pflege, you get 24/7 home health care services in Dubai.

In the privacy and convenience of their own homes, patients of all ages can get excellent care from the sympathetic staff of Pflege Home Healthcare. We are devoted to ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy the highest possible standard of living and independence and to doing everything in our power to do so. Our medical staff is here to treat any ailment, no matter how mild or severe, and to help you get well again. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury, our physiotherapists are here to help you heal. Nutritionists are here to offer advice on how to improve your diet, maintain your health, and engage in a more active lifestyle. In addition to staff, we also offer a wide variety of medical supplies and devices, including ventilators, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, and more, all on reasonable payment plans. We provide 24/7 services across Dubai, along with doctor-on-call and emergency doctor home visits.

At Pflege, we strictly follow privacy and confidentiality norms. All our client's data, personal information, and medical data are kept severely secure with us, and no one can hamper it as only the nursing team, or the doctor incharge who will be looking into the patient has access to it.

A person can benefit from physiotherapy in the comfort of their own home for a variety of reasons, including rehabilitation following an injury, management of a chronic condition, and general wellness enhancement. To help you reach your full potential, our therapists will work with you to create a unique treatment plan tailored to your requirements and objectives. Strength training, therapeutic massage, exercises, balance training, imbalance correction, posture correction, and neuro-developmental treatment are all part of the spectrum of services we offer in physiotherapy. Pflege provides the best physiotherapist in Dubai.

Various services are available through Pflege Home Healthcare to assist elderly people in remaining in their own homes while receiving the care they need from private nurses. We also provide nurse-at-home-3 service for pregnant women or new mothers in Dubai. Our DHA-licensed home nurses are committed to meeting the unique needs of each expectant and new mother they care for. Also, if you have recently become a parent and might use some assistance in handling the newborn, the professionals at Pflege will get you the best Home Healthcare services.