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Best At Home Medical Care Service In Dubai

The home care sector goes through changes that represent the movement in values of each generation, much like the fashion and music industries. According to current statistics, most people in UAE who are over the age of 65 intend to live at home for as long as possible, regardless of changes in their health, mobility, or cognition. best home healthcare services 

What Is Home Health Care?best home healthcare services

Home health care is taking care of the patient and nursing them in the comfort of their homes. The type of care depends upon the condition of the patients, like wound cleaning, 24/7 nursing, physiotherapy, etc. If you are searching for Home health care in Dubai, then Pflege is one of the best home healthcare providers in Dubai. Pflege is known for providing 24/7 home healthcare service in Dubai. A broad range of medical facilities is provided by Pflege, including wellness programmes, physiotherapy, nursing at home, health checkups, doctor on call, ambulance service, rental medical equipment, and many more.

24/7 home healthcare service in Dubai

You can rely totally on Pflege to maintain your best possible health if you have a chronic disease that needs ongoing observation. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can count on the best home health care by Pflege to support you in achieving total wellness for you and your family through routine examinations, dietary and nutritional recommendations, and workout regimens made specifically for your body type.

Importance Of At Home Medical Care: 

Home health care has the advantage of allowing patients to age in place independently for as long as they would like while still living at home. More opportunities than ever exist for care and support at home, thanks to the rise of the home care industry. More and more financial incentives exist to stay out of hospitals, rehab centres, and skilled nursing institutions. There are various healthcare providers across Dubai, and one of the best home nursing services providers in Dubai is Pflege.

Services Of Medical Health Care:

Nurse-at-home services can be used for various purposes. Pflege provides nursing care at home for the elderly, pregnant women, and newborn baby care. Almost every elderly patient wants to heal and be cared for in the comfort of their home. So, medical health services would be an optimal solution for those at home. It is like a wellness package at home with all the facilities of medical care that will be provided at home. From blood tests to PCR to routine checkups, all will be done in the comfort of home, and there is no need to make appointments and visit a clinic for checkups. You also get good companionship from Pflege when at the age of late 60s you feel lonely and isolated. All in one, you get the best quality care at your doorstep in Dubai by Pflege

    • Physiotherapy:

Sometimes it gets difficult for people to visit the clinic from time to time for their regular physiotherapy appointments. Medical care at home service facility provides them comfort and help them to achieve their goal in a relaxed manner. Also, if you have any injury or dealing with any chronic situation, visiting the clinic for every appointment could be difficult. So contact Pflege and get the best home health care services in Dubai.

When you feel unwell and do not have anyone to take you to a hospital, or you cannot travel to the hospital, in such cases, Pflege provides home physician services. The physician will take care and do the medical tests at home, lab tests, blood tests and urine tests. 

There is no need to visit many testing facilities to obtain a diagnosis. Just give a call to Pflege, and your on-call doctor with all the required equipment will be at your doorstep. You can perform all the lab tests at the convenience of your home. The in-charge will collect your blood, stool, and urine sample and deliver the results to your home the next day.

The most reliable and secure method of ingesting vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream is intravenous nutrition therapy (IVNT). Although hospitals and medical offices frequently employ this technique for therapy, it can also carried out in the comfort of your home. Pledge also performs blood tests and IV therapy at home. Numerous medical disorders, such as dehydration, migraines, chronic exhaustion, and other illnesses that can benefit from the quick administration of medication or fluids, are frequently treated using IV therapy.

If you are looking for a same-day, express RT-PCR test report when planning to travel, then do not worry. Pflege offers an at-home PCR test done at your home and delivers the report on the same day. You can consult doctor on call and get your report get ready to fly.

 Our team of highly trained and experienced emergency medical technicians (EMTs) dedicated to providing the highest level of care and comfort to the patients during transport. Along with it Pflege provides emergency doctor at home.

When in need of any medical equipments for rent, then contact Pflege, one of the best home care in Dubai. Pflege provides a range of equipment available for rent, including hospital beds, mobility aids, and medical imaging equipment. Besides this, the technicians are available to help you set up and maintain your equipment.