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From blood tests at home to PCR at home to at-home sample collection, with Lab Test At
Home service, Pflege provides full body checkups at
home along with full body tests at home.
No need to run around to different labs to get diagnostic tests. With Pflege, you can have full body checkups at home along with full body tests at home.
Call us, and we will arrive at your doorstep at a time convenient to you in order to collect blood/urine/stool samples, get them tested and deliver the report the same day or the next day. We provide emergency doctor home visits and doctor-on-call services also. Get quality care at your doorstep in Dubai with Pflege, the best home health care service provider in Dubai.


Lab tests at home are used to check for a variety of common diseases, including anemia, diabetes, bacterial and viral infections, urine test, and blood test in the comfort of your home. For any kind of lab test, Pflege provides full body checkups at home, which do not allows you to travel; all the test will be performed at the convenience of your home, and even the results will also be delivered to your place.

Even though the test is not performed at the lab, rest assured all the tests will deliver as accurate results as you will get at the lab. As the professionals and equipment are the same, so there will not be any compromise on the accuracy of the result.

Initially, if you know what kind of test you're looking for, you may quickly limit your search to an at-home test. As each company offers a variety of services, be sure to confirm that the provider can track the information you desire about your body. Next, check for CLIA and/or CAP certifications, which will confirm that the lab receiving your samples for analysis is a trustworthy one. Next, quickly scan online reviews of the business to learn more about their customer service, particularly if the test findings turn out to be unreliable. With Pflege, you get the best home healthcare service provider in Dubai, which is certified and offers the best at-home lab test service.

With a Lab test at home, you do not need to travel to the clinic for a test, and also the result will be delivered to your home. So you can save money, time, and unnecessary hassle in traveling. Also, you can avoid infections that might contaminate you when visiting clinics.

Contact us, and we'll arrange to pick up blood, urine, or stool samples from your doorstep at a time that works for you, have them analyzed, and then deliver the results the same day or the next day.

The results will be delivered wherever you want within Dubai within 24 hours.

Yes, absolutely. We can provide you with the required service anywhere in a hotel, office, or home, wherever you feel comfortable.

We are known for providing 24/7 home health care services in Dubai, so you can call us any time of the day.

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