Refund Policy

Through a simple and secure online registration process, Pflege's website visitors will have access to the payment gateway and be able to use the services mentioned and make payments. Pflege's services are primarily consultative or advisory, so once a client has received a service through the Pflege website, it cannot be returned. However, specific cancellation and refund policies may change from time to time and from service to service.

Pflege's return policy is based solely on each patient's circumstances. No cancellations after registration will be refunded unless there is evidence of a mistake in currency, error, incorrect deduction of payment, duplicate payment, or other circumstances where reimbursement is agreed upon by management.

If a refund is due, it will be credited back to the same card or account from which the original purchase was made as soon as the account holder's identity has been confirmed. Under no circumstances will a cash or check refund be issued.

  • Individuals are restricted from requesting a refund for an already returned purchase.
  • If a customer provides incorrect or insufficient contact information, Pflege is not responsible if a response is delayed or never received.
  • Users who repeatedly request refunds may be denied access to the site's features.
  • The payee must submit a legitimate invoice for the services rendered and the customer's identification documents to obtain a refund.
  • For refunds, there will be no interest charged.

We estimate that refunds will be processed within 14-21 days. Please email at with any refund-related questions and provide the order number from the receipt you'd want credit for.

Pflege may adjust this policy at any time and without prior notice.

Refund Policy For Home Health Care packages:

If cancellation is requested within the service period, Pflege may issue a prorated refund for unused portions of the service at its discretion.

Mode Of Refund:

The mode of refund is variable and strictly depends upon the mode of payment used while making the booking for the services. Suppose the payment is made via credit/debit/net banking, then the refund will be made on the same account used at the time of payment and processed within 14-21 business days. If you have made the payment in cash, the refund will be transferred into the bank account mentioned by the customer, and it also takes 14-21 business days for the payment to be credited to the required bank account.